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Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Jon S. - CA

" FedEx lost the shipment and I still have not received them. I have re-ordered them again and hope to receive them soon. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 4 star ratingBy Owen F. - ND

" Fit and finish are great. Mounting system is great. The assembly instructions do not mention the exhaust shields that come with the GMC dual exhaust version. Some trial and error was required to get them and the mud flap braces in the right place. The braces also partially cover the exhaust outlets when installed. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 4 star ratingBy Shana M. - UT

" When we ordered the Rockstar mud flaps we requested the package for the 2021 Ford F-350. The new Super Duty Ford comes with a 2.5 - 3.0 inch shank. Our kit came with. 2.0 in shank. I called and they sent me out the right size and I had it in two days. I love these they look good on the truck and do a great job with keeping the rocks away from our trailer. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Chris W. - OH

" Very easy to install and works perfect! It also looks really nice as well! I have a B&W Tow and Stow hitch and it is a very tight fit to get the hitch pin in the receiver but I was able to make it work. Shorter outside tabs would have made it easier. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 4 star ratingBy William W. - NM

" I recently purchased your Rockstar 3XL and the 2-1/2" mounting clamp for my Chevy dually. I love how it looks and can't wait to see how it works keeping my trailer safe. I am sure it will work perfectly. I was very happy with how easy it was to assemble and mount. The only thing I have an issue with is how the clamp had to be mounted to the face of the frame, since the receiver on my truck sticks out to far for the bumper stabilizers to contact the bumper with the clamp mounted on the back of the frame. I know you are aware of the issue, since the instructions indicate this might be a problem, and to mount the clamp to the face of the frame if this happens. My only concern with this setup is the nuts holding the clamp to the frame are very visible and easily accessible. Maybe I am being a bit paranoid, but I believe this might give some people an incentive to attempt to remove the flaps from my truck. I have a suggestion that you might, or might not, want to consider. Why not make the bumper stabilizers adjustable? It wouldn't be difficult to accomplish, and would make it possible to use the clamp as intended. It would also greatly improve the looks of the entire mudflap. I realize that this will add a bit to the cost of these things but, it should be a minimal increase, if any at all. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Lucas L. - MN

" Great product! Just wish I would have found them sooner. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Ricky M. - LA

" I really like the way it looks on my truck. No issues. We will be going on our first camping trip next week. We'll see how it does at that point. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Peter B. - ON

" It gives the truck a classic look. And its made in AMERICA. Easy assembly. Keep up the good products. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Mark H. - SD

" Best RV protection that is available on the market. Good folks making great products. "

Rockstar Mud Flaps 5 star ratingBy Curtis K. - OK

" hands down better than the competition. These mud flaps give you complete protection from rocks, snow, mud, and anything else the road throws at you. First use we did a 2500mile round trip and front of trailer was spotless "

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