Our Culture

Agri-Cover, Inc. is a team of hardworking, savvy individuals who care about manufacturing innovative products and providing exceptional customer service, while also having a little fun along the way. We proudly hire people who are passionate about what they do and welcome each day as a new opportunity to learn. Our team embraces problem solving, values new perspectives and thrives on creative ideas. We don’t take shortcuts, we do what is RIGHT. We always enjoy a good challenge at ACI!


Core Values


Integrity – for our employees, community and planet

Go Green Program

  • ACI proactively controls manufacturing waste by upcycling, recycling, and reducing excess materials.
  • Instead of discarding items the company no longer needs, we hold silent auctions. The highest bid wins!
  • Employees are encouraged to bring recycling from home.

Clean, Comfortable Facility

  • Geothermal heating and cooling systems provide an efficient climate-controlled environment, while ozone generators keep the air clean.
  • Reverse osmosis water purification system and a commercial ice machine provide clean drinking water and ice for employees to use and take as needed.


  • ACI sponsors and supports numerous extra-curricular activities and developments.




Team Atmosphere

  • Our employees take pride in their work while motivating each other to do the best job possible. A focus on cross training ensures a variety of tasks and interactions.

Peer Recognition Program

  • Employees recognize each other for exceptional performance with a shoutout on the company homepage and TV screens; plus a gift card to a local business.

Robust Wellness Program

  • Volunteer committee members implement health-conscious initiatives to enhance employees’ wellbeing while maintaining affordable, premium healthcare.

Fun, Fast-Paced Environment
Employee Appreciation Gifts
Milestone Anniversary Rewards


Physical Wellbeing

Physical Wellbeing

On-Site Benefits

  • Weightlifting and cardio equipment are available to utilize as well as visits from health officials for screenings, flu shots and dietitian consultations.

Plant and Office Ergonomics

  • Stand up desks, footrests, padded floor mats and more are available for employees to promote good workplace practices.

Healthy Snack Tuesdays and Smart Choice Vending Machines


Social Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

Catered Company Lunches

Morale Boosters

  • Themed days throughout the year give everyone the option to dress up, eat fun snacks and win cash or prizes by participating in contests and scavenger hunts.

Sponsored Activities

  • Have fun in and out of the workplace with ACI events such as group fitness classes, cooking classes, golf outings, wellness challenges, cash walks and more.


Quality and Excellence

Quality & Excellence

Manufacture Quality Product

  • ACI puts products through a rigorous testing process resulting in fewer warranty claims. In addition, ACI's quality reward incentive offers gift cards to employees who voice concerns and help resolve issues.

State of the Art Equipment
Cutting-Edge Technology
Helpful, Knowledgeable Customer Service
Continuous Product Improvements


Growth and Innovation

Growth & Innovation

Advancement Opportunities
Training and Career Resources

LEAN Program

  • ACI values employees’ opinions and rewards LEAN ideas with opportunities to win cash and prizes.

Trike Transportation

  • Efficiently and quickly maneuver around our 225,000+ sq. ft. building.

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