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Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Lee - MO

" This is a great item! Very sturdy rack that fits the truck very well, it was a breeze to install. It took only a tape measure and a couple of wrenches. It has style and looks very good on the truck. I've used it several times to haul my Kayaks and it really does the job well. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Derek - MA

" Looks great on the truck and seems to be built with quality! Strong material. Easy to install. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Charles - SC

" The rack is great. It isn't fancy or anything but simple and easy to install. I was skeptical when I ordered it because it was less than half the price of other racks, but was happy to find it's legit. Made good and strong and has worked perfect for hauling lumber and ladders. Great affordable addition for the truck. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 4 star ratingBy Daniel - OH

" Was told my rack was going to show up by a certain date, came home one day it was on my porch two days early. Rack went together in about two hours due to me finding post slots. Looks good with my cover. Only wish it could be removed without having a wrench. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Michael - MA

" They were easy to install very sturdy and lots of places for tie downs. I think they will hold more than 500lbs based on the design however I have no need to try they are for my staging and it comes in at less than 500lbs which is the reason I bought them. Look great on the truck too! "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Linda - PA

" Impressed with the heavy gauge steel. Easy to install. Looked all over for a decent rack to fit our truck which already had a soft bed cover. This truck rack works great. I had to take the back rack off to put a one piece tub/shower unit in the truck, it took 5 min. to take it off and 5 min. to put it back on when I was done. (Btw I am a 56 yr. old small frame female). Our truck is a family truck but more and more often we found we needed a rack. It was worth the purchase. I had many truck owning friends tell me they liked these racks. It is a good rack for the price, and yes would recommend it to a friend. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Len - TX

" I skipped the written installation instructions & watched a youtube video on installing this same rack instead. The written instructions were good, but I'm a "show me" kinda guy. Extremely easy to install. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Justin - WY

" I bought this rack to carry my kayaks on my F-150. It had one of the best prices for the weight capacity. It has alot more weight capacity than needed for my kayaks, but I was thinking ahead for the possibilities. This works well for the kayaks and has plenty of tie down points. My 11 year old son and I put this on my truck in less than an hour, and it was extremely easy to do. I watched the install video before I received the product, so I was already familiar with what needed to be done. Looks good and easy to adjust. When I ordered the Adarac rack they said it would be about a week, I think that I received it in about 3 days. So excellent shipping for me. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone that needs something for their truck. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Sean - NY

" I added an Adarac Truck Bed Rack to my Ford Trucks F-150, which already had an Access Roll-Up Cover installed. This rack works great with my truck bed cover. Went together easy. "

Adarac Truck Bed Rack 5 star ratingBy Sue - MN

" Used this rack to haul two large kayaks and it worked very well. The fender-mounted base with holes allows for different tie down options and the rack itself is fairly aerodynamic. Good purchase and will use it for many purposes. I did not install the rack, but the person who did said it went well. On the 2015 Chevy truck he had to remove the tail lights to access the stake pocket space and seat the long bolt that secures the rack base to the fender top. "

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