Go Green with Agri-Cover, Inc.

Agri-Cover, Inc. started a Go Green program in 2008.  Within the first year of going GREEN we cut our amount of waste going to the local landfill in half.  Here’s what we are doing today:

#1:  Reducing Waste Output

Implemented a company-wide recycling program

  • Recycling bins were set up to be easily available in designated stations around the plant floor. Includes all materials that our local recycling center can take, i.e. plastics, paper, glass…etc.
  • Changed all pop machines to Aluminum Cans instead of plastic bottles. Money earned by recycling Aluminum Cans goes into a fund for employee lunches.
  • Company supplied drink cups to all employees to reduce amount of waste created by paper and Styrofoam cups in the cafeterias.
  • Reduced Bathroom Waste by changing from paper towels to handy dryers.
  • Reduced amount of mail/magazines we receive by contacting sender and asking to be removed from their mailing list.

Supplier Partnership to Reduce Waste:

  • Agri-Cover’s purchasing department worked closely with suppliers to make changes in how our raw materials are being packaged and sent to us.

#2: Reduce fuel usage and automotive waste by-products

  • Conduct a monthly drawing for employees who carpool with gas gift cards.
  • Switched to synthetic oil in all company vehicles

#3: Education & Participation Is Key

  • Established a GREEN Committee –includes senior management and employees from various departments, so there is commitment on all levels in the company.
  • Education through employee intranet site that is updated daily.
  • Flyers/internal documents educating employees.
  • Invited employees to bring their recycling from home and use Agri-Cover as their drop site. This reduces the amount of fuel being used to drop of materials at the Jamestown Recycling Center.  Currently we have a 33% participation rate from our employees.
  • Company garden that feeds employee lunches during the summer and makes use of otherwise unused company property.


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