SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow - a straightforward tool for clearing snow

Built to give homeowners a straightforward tool for clearing snow, the SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow cuts a seven-foot-wide path in front of your pickup truck, Jeep or SUV. With convenience and innovation built right into the design, the SNOWSPORT® LT utility plow is an easy-to-install and operate snow plow that includes a 2” receiver hitch tailored to fit your vehicle. A 1” rubber-cutting edge makes a clean cut in the snow that leaves the surface of the driveway smooth and flat without scratching concrete or tearing up grass.

SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow will get the job done quickly and efficiently

Whether you’re using it with your light truck, SUV or Jeep, our snow plow will get the job done quickly and efficiently. The SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow offer the convenience of being able to attach and the detach the plow blade quickly to the front of your vehicle. If you’re looking for an affordable snow plow for your pickup truck, SUV, or Jeep that the entire family can use, then SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow is a great option.

Why Choose a SnowSport® Utility Plow?

These utility snow plows are easy to use and install. No complicated wiring is necessary since the blade is entirely self-adjusting. All you have to do is attach the plow mount using a simple bolt system. Once in place, the blade can be easily adjusted into plowing mode or safely secured for transit. Each snow plow blade has a one-inch thick rubber cutting edge to make a clean and precise cut through the snow. SNOWSPORT® blades are corrosion resistant, so they’ll never rust and will work great season after season.


SnowSport LT Snow Plow

The SNOWSPORT® LT Utility Plow is a straightforward way to clear snow one seven-foot swipe at a time with your truck, SUV or Jeep.


  • Front Mount is Included
  • No hydraulics or electrical components
  • No extra front end suspension support needed on vehicle
  • Easy to install and remove
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Snow Plow Quick Pins

Quick Pins

Holds blade in place while plowing. Secures blade for transport while at highway speeds.

Snow Plow Push Frame

Push Frame

The heavy duty push frame is key to our motion activated plowing system, allowing the blade to freely move up and down with the terrain.

Snow Blade Markers

Blade Markers

Clearly marks plow edges, making visibility of blade easy when driving forward or backward.

Down Pressure Strap

Hold Down Strap (optional)

Maintains constant down pressure on the plow. Assists the plow in removal of hard, compact snow. Sold separately

Aluminum Snow Blade

Aluminum Blade

Heavy duty, corrosion-resistant, anodized aluminum blade repels rust, so it never needs painting. Blade is 84” long and 14 1/2” high.

Rubber Blade

Cutting Edge

The rubber cutting edge is rigid enough to push heavy snow and works great on concrete, brick, gravel etc… and will not dig up turf.

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