ROLTEC® - The easy, clean, and safe way to haul more loads in a day

This completely integrated system uses the same remote to operate both tarp and hoppers. Convert your tarps and hoppers to electric to keep your driver out of the dust, rain, and harm’s way. Made with sturdy steel & aluminum parts for years of dependable use.

ROLTEC® - Hassle Free Hauling

Convert your side locking roll tarp to an electric tarp system with the Roltec Electric Tarp Conversion. Convert your manual crank hoppers into electric with the ROLTEC® Electric Hopper Conversion - Hassle Free Hopper Openers.The ROLTEC®  Side Locking Tarp gives you protection from the elements at a great low price. This completely integrated system uses the same COMMAND-10® wireless remote to operate electric tarps and hopper openers, making loading and unloading hassle free.


Hassle Free Tarping

Roltec Electric Tarp Conversion
Roltec Electric Hopper Conversion
Roltec Side Locking Tarp

"I have owned my ROLTEC electric conversion kit for about a year now and it works very well. I am very happy with the operation and function of the kit." Tim W - MN

This completely integrated system uses the same wireless remote to operate tarps and hoppers, making loading and unloading hassle free.

Upgrade tarps and hoppers to electric.

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