Who uses a SnowSport® plow?

One of the blessings of social media is we get to see our customers using our products. So if you want to know who uses a SnowSport® plow, just read on to see them in action.

Last week, we showed you a pair of customer reviews of the SnowSport® HD Utility Plow. Here are a few more videos from happy customers putting their plows to work.

First, more of the SnowSport® HD Utility Plow.


Now, here are some videos of the SnowSport® 180 Utility Plow going to work:

Read what a customer in Washington state has to say about our ACCESS® VANISH® Roll-Up Cover

Todd A. in Washington

Todd A. in Washington state sent us these photos of his 2000 GMC Sierra equipped with an ACCESS® VANISH® Roll-Up Cover.

Here’s what Todd said about his experience with this tonneau cover:

“This is the best upgrade I’ve done to my truck. Purchased in 2009. I’ve had 8 inches of snow and zero leaks. I can roll up in an instant to load large items with ease and place under the cover and not worry because this cover keeps the elements out. I live in the Pacific North West and I have tested this throughly. I will always own an ACCESS cover because they are the best.  It is nice to be driving around town and if I want to stop at the gravel or topsoil/ bark pit I can just pull up and roll up and the loader can dump in and off I go. Thank you.”

Normally, we blur out the license plate when sharing customers' photos. Todd, however, had a better idea.

Q&A: How do I make my tonneau cover last as long as possible?

We often get asked how long our roll-up covers will last. That’s a really hard question to answer with any certainty because how long one of our covers — or any tonneau cover, for that matter — will last depends on how well the owner cares for it.

We build our covers to last as long as possible, but it’s up to you how many years of service you get out of your cover. We recommend two steps to help your cover last as long as possible.

  1. Keep it tight, and I mean drum tight. A loose cover will flap about in the wind and wear out prematurely. All ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers have built-in tension adjsuters that let you set the cover’s tightness. Just roll up the cover, add or reduce some tension by turning the dial, and unroll the cover to check the fit and tightness. Repeat and adjust as needed.
  2. Keep the cover clean and use the right cleaner. Ultraviolet rays never take a day off, so we recommend using ACCESS™ Cover Care™ Cleaner to clean and protect your cover.

But here is a case study into how long an ACCESS Roll-Up Cover can last. Take a look at this photo:

This photo was sent to us by John N. in Minnesota in July 2013. Here’s what he had to say:

“I purchased my Access Cover from you in November 1995 for my new 1996 Chevrolet pickup. I wanted to tell you how well your product has held up to the harsh environment here in Minnesota.

“I was a pilot for Northwest Airlines and my truck sat in the employee parking lot for …at least half of every month. It was out in the elements, no covered parking. Also my truck has 160,000 miles on it so your cover took a lot of wind buffeting. After all this time your cover is completely serviceable and still looks good. I replaced the Velcro once.

“This fall I am purchasing a 2014 Chevrolet pickup and the first thing I will do is buy one of your covers for it.”

Q&A: Can I install a SnowSport® Snow Plow on my own?

Some plows require professional installation for all the hydraulics and electrical work, not to mention suspension modifications or adding ballast to the rear of the vehicle.

SnowSport® Snow Plows, however, work without any hydraulics or electrical connections, so installing one is simple and the instructions are clear-cut so you can install your new plow at home.

To install the front mount hitch for the SNOWSPORT® HD Utility Plow, plan about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your level of experience. From there the blade attaches in minutes. Here is a video that details the assembly steps for the HD Utility Plow:

The SNOWSPORT® 180 Utility Plow simply plugs into an existing 2” rear receiver. Here is a video that shows its assembly in detail:

Most SNOWSPORT® ATV Plow mounts quickly attached by pins, no drilling or bolting is required.

If you do need assistance, call 1-866-414-5422 between 7:30am – 5:30pm CST.



Hunting seasons opening for upland game, waterfowl

If the birds are calling you, wait no longer, the season is here. All across the United States, hunters are gearing up to go after waterfowl like ducks and geese and upland birds like quail, sharptail grouse and pheasants.

Check with your local department of natural resources or fish and game commission for any regulations that may have changes since last year. Being prepared for the seasons means more than having the latest gear and a well-trained dog in the field.

If you haven’t found yourself on the field yet this season, you will have some work to do. After you’ve secured your hunting license and all stamps for the year, make sure you have all your gear ready to go. After plenty of training, your hunting dog will be ready to head out as the sun rises to get some of the best game early in the season. If you’re in a new location or just picking up the sport, check the regulations on time of day open to hunting. Also, if you’re hunting waterfowl over decoys, be sure to account for travel time and how long it will take to set up your spread when deciding what time to set your alarm clock for.

There are two good pickup accessories available to help you when you get to the field. First, consider creating extra storage compartments in your pickup box using ACCESS™ Truck Bed Pockets. The pockets are great for smaller items like boxes of shells, decoy bags and boots. You will know where to grab for your gear in a rush and your bed won’t be cluttered.

Second, if you’re setting up decoys before dawn, consider an ACCESS™ LED Light for your pickup bed. The light can work with any 12-volt power source and casts a powerful floodlight so you don’t have to fumble in the dark trying to find decoy parts or other bits of gear.

 Although you may have most of your ducks in a row, make a mental checklist before you head out for a long day. Always pack an emergency/first aid kit, binoculars, knife, whistle, decoys, gloves, and food and water for your dog.

 And as always, enjoy the season.

Q&A: Will this tonneau cover let me tow with a 5th-wheel or gooseneck hitch?

ACCESS Roll-Up Cover on pickup with fifth-wheel hitch

A good question to ask when choosing a tonneau cover is what sort of work will the truck — and especially the bed — be doing? This is important if you ever want to tow a trailer using a 5th-wheel or gooseneck hitch.

All ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers are designed to roll up out of the way whenever you need complete use of your pickup’s bed.

That means that all you have to do is roll the cover to the front of your truck box and secure it with the straps any time you want to hook your pickup to a trailer using a gooseneck or 5th-wheel hitch (assuming you already have that hitch installed).

ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers are built this way so you never need to remove the cover and frame to carry a large load. Just roll the cover up and you’re ready.

And once you’ve reached the campsite and parked the trailer, the cover rolls out flat to protect any cargo from the elements while you’re out getting supplies or exploring. Since you never have to remove the tonneau cover for large loads or towing, covering the bed up again is simple.