Tips for increasing your truck’s gas mileage

Access Tonneau Cover Gas Savings CalculatorWith the high cost of fuel, many pickup owners are feeling the burn at the pump. While some consumers may be able to purchase a new truck that gets better gas mileage, many of us are financially stuck with the truck we currently have. To cope, there are several things you can do to save gas money now.

Oil it up: As most auto body technicians will tell you, checking and changing your oil is one of the most overlooked items. Clean oil reduces wear caused by friction between moving parts and removes harmful substances from the engine, ensuring your engine will run at peak performance. And don’t forget to keep it clean. You can increase your gas mileage up to 10 percent by ensuring your oil, air and fuel filters are clean.

Fill it up: Fill up with the lowest octane gasoline possible for your vehicle. That pricey premium fuel won’t boost your truck’s fuel economy or performance. Passing on pricey premium gasoline could save you hundreds of dollars a year, according to the Car Care Council. The council also suggests tightening your gas cap because fuel will evaporate from your tank if it has an escape. Loose, missing or damaged gas caps cause 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate each year, according to the Car Care Council. So be sure to tighten up that gas cap each time you fill up.

Pump it up: Check your tires to make sure they’re properly inflated and aligned. Proper inflation can improve gas mileage up to 3 percent. If you don’t know what the right pressure is for your tires and truck, consult your owner’s manual or stop in at your local tire shop.

Ease on up: It’s hard to make changes, but if you really want to see increased gas mileage, it’s suggested you avoid unnecessary idling, revving your engine and slamming on the brakes. It is recommended that you stop and start gently, use cruise control when possible and reduce the amount of trips you make each day.

Roll on down the road: The easiest and most rewarding step you can take to see immediate gas mileage improvement is to install a truck bed cover on your pickup. A truck bed cover, also known as a tonneau cover, will reduce drag, making your vehicle more aerodynamic at high speeds. There are several different tonneau cover options available on the market today.

The Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, manufactured by Agri-Cover, Inc., a North Dakota truck accessory company, is an affordable and high-quality option. Made of heavy-duty, double coated vinyl, the roll-up cover installs quickly and easily with a clamp-on installation and is designed specifically to fit your truck. Since the roll-up cover is lockable, it’s also great for protecting your gear, all while improving the overall look of your vehicle. When not in use, the truck box cover can be rolled up behind the cab and never has to be removed when hauling larger items. The company estimates that you can save over $300 within the first year of installing an Access Roll-Up Coveron your truck bed.

For more information on the Access Roll-Up Cover and to find out how much gas money you could save, visit or call (888) 281-7098.