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Manual and electric roll tarp systems are available for Farm Trucks, Grain Carts, Fertilizer Tenders, Belly Dumps and Hopper Trailers. Our roll tarps include the AutoLock® Electric Tarp, which allows you to operate your tarp in windy conditions. The SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp is our premium grain tarp, and it comes with our unique tension system which provides a steady and smooth roll in all weather conditions, and enough flexibility to allow easy rolling over uneven loads. The EZ-LOC® Roll Tarp System offers excellent quality, and it’s dependable, fast, attractive and economical to own. The ROLTEC Side Locking Tarp is a roll tarp system that gives you protection from the elements at a great low price.

Agricultural Roll Tarps, Electric Tarping System & Electric Motor Kits

Our electric tarp systems offer superior protection for your products and provide an easy solution for covering your trailer quickly and securely. Our electric roll tarps has been properly engineered to last. We also offer tarp replacement parts and tarp kits for upgrading your existing roll tarp system to an electric tarp system. ROLTECĀ® electric conversions from Agri-Cover minimize the time, energy and manual work associated with loading and unloading materials. The ROLTECĀ® electric tarp conversion help reduce driver fatigue, is lighter by design, and saves time allowing more trips per day.

An electric roll tarp system makes tarping easy

Our electric motor kits which lets you convert your manual roll tarp system into an electric one. Each of our kits comes with all hardware and instructions included, and are designed for easy installation and packaged for efficient shipping. An electric tarp system makes tarping easy, saves time & money and is safer to operate. You can control it from the cab or by remote by upgrading to our wireless remote kit.


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"I'm amazed at how easy it closes in the wind. I've owned several tarps before, but none of them compare to the SRT-2 tarp." John D. - IL

"I just got a new semi and it came with an EZ-LOC electric on it. This is the best thing I've ever had!" Michael L. - MN

"Sometimes you buy something that works better than you ever thought it would. This is one of those products." Joe P. - ND

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