Agri-Cover Roll Tarp Reviews

ROLTEC® Electric Conversion, Electric Hopper Conversion & Side Locking Tarp

"As a commercial grain hauler I have used a variety of electric tarps and hoppers and the ROLTEC Electric Tarp and Hopper Conversions from Agri-Cover have defiantly worked the best. Everything about having these electric conversions on my semi trailer has been a benefit to me. It saves me a lot of time, increases safety by keeping me out of the way of farm machinery, and increases my tarp life by getting a good roll every time. It also provides less stress on my back and shoulders than using a crank handle. Farmers are working longer days and longer seasons, and by having electric on a trailer it isn’t being lazy – it is being smart. The best part is I have had no problems with it breaking down, not one. The ROLTEC Electric conversions have consistency, longevity, and the difference between it and others I have used is the ROLTEC works." Max  M. - ND

"Over a year ago I added ROLTEC Electric Tarp and Hopper Conversions to three of my semi trailers. Being a custom harvester I know the importance of efficient work and my drivers really like how easy they are to use. I did the installation myself and after I got the first one done the rest went on really fast. Using the wireless remote saves a lot of time, when pulling into the elevator I can open my tarp as I drive and it keeps the flow of traffic going. The guys working at the elevator really like being able to flip the switch on the receiver box to open the hoppers too." Brian  P. - ND

"The electric tarps have been really nice to have on my semi trailers. They are easy to install and simple to operate. If something doesn't work just right or we have a question we call into Agri-Cover and they get us the part or answer we need. It sure is nice not to have to crank that tarp open and closed anymore." Dennis  P. - ND

"I own 2 of the Roltec electric conversions and I am very happy with them. I like the new Roltec because of the rear spring arm which works much better than a bunji or a cable return. Plus it is nice not having to get out of the truck to open and close the tarp." Dave  W. - OH

"I own 3 Roltec electric conversion kits and I wouldn’t have another trailer without one. We have had good luck with ours and they work great. I installed mine with another guys help and the install was not very difficult, just followed the directions and it took about 4-5 hours. Great Product!" Eldon  R. - ND

"I have owned my Roltec electric conversion kit for about a year now and it works very well. I have been very happy with the operation and function of the kit. I would definitely recommend putting on a Roltec electric conversion." Tim  W. - MN

AUTOLOCK® Electric Tarp

"Sometimes you buy something that works better than you ever thought it would. This is one of those products." Joe  P. - ND

SRT-2® Spool Roll Tarp

"I bought an SRT-2 tarp from Agri-Cover last year at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville KY and can’t tell you how happy I am with it. It installed easier than any other tarp I ever installed and the performance has been great. I stopped back this year because I want to switch out the competitors tarp to an Agri-Cover product" John  S. - WI

"I’m amazed at how easily it closes in the wind. I’ve owned several tarps before but none of them can compare to the SRT-2 tarp." John  D. - IL

"The SRT-2 cover rolls so much easier than the other brands I've had on my grain cart. Now my wife can't use the excuse of "it's too hard to open" when I need her Help!" Robert  H. - ND

"I feel that the Agri-Cover, Inc. SRT system is the most innovative roll tarp system on the market. It not only is the easiest rolling but the safest system with it being wind proof making it the tightest tarp also. Have all my equipment covered with Agri-Cover, Inc. products but one, when I purchased a grain bed from a company they would not switch systems for me and I have not been satisfied with it at all. The SRT is the only tarp system to have. They are also the easiest tarps to install and to maintain. Just the best kept secret on the market." Kevin E. - IL

SRT-2® Electric Tarp

"One of the best things I have ever done..Now anyone can open or close the tarp on our big grain cart..my wife or my 90 year old father.Plus, no worries about wind speed or direction. I plan to add another to our smaller cart once it is refurbished." Thomas  C. - IN

"This is the first electric system I've ever owned and I can't tell you how great it is. When it starts to rain in line at the elevator I just push a button from the cab and my commodities are protected. I just sit back and smile as everyone else is getting wet while closing their manual tarp." Eric  N. - NE

"WOW! I just bought a fertilizer spreader with an SRT-2 Electric. What a great product, no more getting in and out of the cab to roll and unroll the tarp. That means I get in the house a few minutes early each night, sometimes those few minutes make all the difference, especially when it's "story time" for the kids." Paul  M. - IA

EZ-LOC® Roll Up Tarp

"Tarp works great. Doesn't leak." Thomas  M. - IN

"I remember buying an EZ-LOC tarp many years ago and thinking what a great product it was at the time. And now, years later, I still think the same thing....about the same tarp! I've bought lots of different equipment throughout the years, but won't buy any other tarp except an EZ-LOC." Dave  C. - ND

EZ-LOC® Electric Tarp

I just upgraded my existing EZ-LOC to an electric and I can't believe how easy it was. I had one question on the wiring, but your customer service rep knew exactly what I was doing wrong and told me how to fix it. Minutes later it started working perfectly and I haven't had a lick of trouble since. I should have done this years ago. I'll never go back to a manual tarp ever again. Allen  R - SD

"I just got a new semi and it came with an EZ-LOC electric on it. This is the best thing I've ever had! I can leave a full semi in the field overnight and haul it into the elevator the next morning, and I don't have to leave the cab of my semi. I was surprised it even rolls over the grain when I fill it too full. Thanks for a great product. Michael  L. - MN

SRT-2 John Deere
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