LOMAX® Folding Hard Cover

Tri-Fold Truck Bed Covers

LOMAX® Folding Hard Covers enhance the look of your pickup with a low profile design while maximizing protection. This lightweight hard tonneau cover delivers strength, security and style. Easy to operate and offering a simple one person installation and removal, you can do more with less hassle. Strong panels with durable, watertight hinges are available in multiple finishes to perfectly complement your truck and OEM bed caps. Extruded aluminum channels under the panels keep the hard truck bed cover rigid while reducing weight. The flexible rubber seals, automatic ten point locking system and limited metal-on-metal contact all work together to reduce noise and vibration for a quiet ride. The LOMAX® Folding Hard Cover is ready for anything.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning



Automatic Dual Locking System


Release both locks simultaneously by pulling the cord from either side. Heavy duty nylon latches provide 1/2 in. surface for solid positive engagement.

Automatic Ten Point Locking System


Unfolding each panel locks the cover automatically at ten points with heavy duty reinforced nylon components.

Tonneau Side Sealing


The water-shedding design and waterproof hinges route water away from the bed without gutters or drains. The hard folding tonneau overlaps the bed rails with a continuous seal along the entire length of the side rails, preventing elements from entering the truck bed.

Aluminum Channel


Extruded aluminum channels support the panels to hold up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight, while weighing approximately 40-50 pounds for a high strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Storage Clip
  • Storage Clip


Sleek, retractable storage clips hold tonneau cover secure and rigid standoffs with rubber pads keep panels properly spaced in the folded position. No adjustments needed.

Tight Bite Clamps


Installs in minutes without the need to drill into your truck box. Specifically cut 'teeth' maintain superior grip and exceptional strength.

Removing Hard Tonneau Cover


With LOMAX® Cover open and storage clips secured, pull tab on front panel and slide it back to disengage hooks, then lift to remove. Reinstall by sliding tonneau cover forward to engage hooks, then lower into retainment brackets. This folding truck bed cover automatically locks in place.


Your time is valuable. Watch how easy it is to operate, remove and reinstall the LOMAX® Hard Tri-Fold Cover. The hard folding cover can be opened, closed or removed in a matter of seconds. You can also see how strong this folding tonneau cover is with our strength test (please do not try this at home). LOMAX® Hard Folding Covers maximize your truck with a low profile design and complete bed protection.

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Lomax 5 star ratingBy James L. - TX

" Looked at all of them. Purchased the Lomax and could not be happier. Fits perfectly. Built to Agricultural/Commercial toughness. Looks Great. Functions flawlessly. The best feature is that it is rimless and rainwater and dust wash off and you're not left with a mud puddle on top of your cover. I receive many compliments and comments about the diamond plate look with the chrome trim on my GMC. Highly Recommended. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jody P. - NE

" Very happy with my purchase. Very easy to install and looks great! "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Shane G. - KY

" Beat cover I've ever owned. Easy install. Looks great. Have gotten many compliments on the co er. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Jim H. - CA

" I just received my LOMAX Folding Cover in Matte Black. The installation was as easy as the videos show. The fit is excellent, as I expected. I am very pleased with my decision to buy this cover over the myriad of others. For me, a few decision points were: no drain tubes, very low profile, full access to stake holes and bed rails, and easy removal without tools or thumb screws. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Todd G. - AR

" Good fit. Easy installation. No complaints. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Paul Q. - WI

" Loving this Hardcover top. Easy to install and has been working great. Keeps things secure and dry. Look forward to see how it handles wear and tear over time. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Gary J. - NY

" I love this cover !! It was easy to install , light weight but strong enough for winter ahead. I had a back flip after three years it was totally saturated inside and I I could hardly lift it, after numerous winters it disintegrated . With my new Santa Cruz the cover fit to a tee and looks awesome as well as good security for my bed. I would recommend this !! , especially for areas with long winters. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy James T. - NY

" I bought a cover to keep the elements out of my truck bed and this cover has done exactly that. Release system is easy to use and the cover looks great on my truck. I couldn't be happier with this product at this point. "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy David H. - OK

" It's not waterproof, but real close. I included pictures after a monsoon, and almost no water got in. And this cover was really simple and quick to install. I've installed several soft covers by myself, and this one was as fast and simple as any cover I've ever installed. Comes back off real fast and easy also. Really like this cover so far! "

Lomax Review Image

Lomax 5 star ratingBy Hank H. - GA

" 5 Stars! Very well made/engineered hard cover. Very easy to install and also quick to remove if necessary. So far cover is 100% water proof and it has rained on it many times. Highly recommend this trifold cover! "

Lomax Review Image
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