SnowSport® HD Easy Installation

This animation will teach you how to assemble and install your SnowSport® HD utility plow.
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Step By Step Installation Guide

Push Frame and Snow Plow Blade

1. Each kit comes with a mount kit (front receiver hitch), push frame, and plow blade.

Personal Snow Plow

2. Mount the front receiver hitch to the front of the vehicle. Each mount kit is vehicle specific.

Installing Plow System

3. Installation takes between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on your technical skill and the specific front hitch.

Snow Plow Push Frame

4. Slide the push frame into the front receiver hitch.

Secure Push Frame with the Hitch Pin

5. Secure the push frame with the hitch pin.

Attach SnowSport Plow Blade

6. Once you have secured the push frame you are ready to attach the SnowSport® HD Utility Plow.

Lifting SnowSport HD Plow

7. Simply lift one end of the blade at a time onto the holders and secure with snap pins.

Truck Mounted SnowSport Plow

8. You’re done!

This installation guide is only for SNOWSPORT® HD utility plows with serial numbers 5372 and higher. If you purchased a SNOWSPORT® HD with a smaller serial number and have questions please contact us.