SnowSport® HD - How It Operates

Step By Step How It Operates

Lifting Snow Plow

Lower Blade

To begin plowing snow, remove pin, lift blade one end at a time and lower it over push frame, then replace pin.

Pushing Snow with SnowSport

Just Drive Forward

When you start driving the snow plow automatically starts pushing snow, the blade is guided by a push frame that allows it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain. The thick rubber cutting edge facilitates effective snow removal yet remains turf friendly.

Backing Up with Snow Plow

Backing Up

Back up to take another pass. When driving in reverse the blade of the snow plow lies back skimming over the surface. When driving forward the blade automatically re-engages for plowing. There are no controls to operate, all you do is drive.

Transporting Snow Plow

Lift Blade When Finished

When snow removal is complete, lift the blade back over the push frame into the transport position.