Sean’s truck was buried in several feet of heavy snow. This is what happened to his ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover.

There’s a truck under there. I promise!

Imagine coming outside and finding your truck like this. That’s just what happened to Sean T. in New York in late 2014. Pictured here is his Ford F150, which is equipped with an ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover. I’ll let him take the story from here.

“After getting over 7 feet of snow in 2 days back in November 2014 I thought my cover for sure would be shot and I would have to buy a new one. Snow drifts on my truck bed cover were as high as the snow in my yard.”

“The cross bar tubes that support the cover flexed and deflected to the max under the heavy load.”

“To my surprise when I finally got all the snow off the cover the bars flexed back into shape the the cover had not ripped or torn at all! Thanks ACCESS. I’m now looking at purchasing an ADARAC for my truck to haul canoes and kayaks.”

Sean later sent us these photos after he installed his new ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System.

As you can see, Sean’s tonneau cover is doing just fine.

How did the polar vortex affect our tonneau covers?

Pretty much the entire U.S. has been bathed in cold air this week thanks to a blast of arctic air coming south from way up north.

Here at our factory in Jamestown, North Dakota, it was 15 degrees below zero Monday afternoon when I filmed this spot:

You see, our tonneau covers are made with vinyl that’s made to remain flexible down to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Cold days like today are normal days for our covers.

This cold isn’t so normal for electronics, however. I recorded this with a tablet that had a full battery when I went outside but, after I came back indoors, the battery was failing!

Two SnowSport customers show off their plow rigs

We’ve heard from a pair of SnowSport® owners this week. They shared shots of their plow rigs and told us about how they’re using their SnowSport® HD Utility Plows.

First up is Mike W. in Michigan. Check it out.

Photo courtesy of Mike W. in Michigan

Mike says:

“Not a lot of snow in Michigan, but the rubber cutting edge lets ya plow the yard so the kids can play!”

Second up is Bobby C. in Massachusetts.  After seven years of clearing snow with snowblowers, Bobby got a SnowSport HD Utility Plow to clear his 200-foot driveway. Here is the plow on his Jeep:

Photo courtesy of Bobby C. in Massachusetts

Here’s what Bobby had to say:

“Today was our first winter storm of six heavy inches of snow. My snow removal has normally taken about three hours with my two snow blowers running, I got a 7′ Snowsport for my ’06 Jeep Wrangler this year and I plowed out in under an hour while in my Jeep with heated seats and listening to the Acoustic Sunrise on the radio. Totally warm and relaxed. This plow worked unreal. I should have got the plow seven years ago. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! It was no strain on the Jeep.”

Get your plow rig ready for winter

Winter’s getting close. Make sure your plow rig is ready for plowing.

No matter how much — or how little — you enjoy those soft snowflakes that tumble down from the sky every winter, they will soon be coming.

With winter quickly approaching, it’s time to get the plow out from storage and make sure it is ready to go with the first snow fall. A massive blizzard already dumped deep snow from Wyoming to South Dakota in early October, so the next snowfall may not be too far off.

Before the snow hits, check your plow rig to ensure it’s ready for the job. Be sure to check the fluids of your rig, ensure that your headlights are in good working order and that your push frame, pins and blade markers on the snow plow are all in good condition. You don’t want a blade marker to snap off and end up hitting a curb or catching another vehicle’s fender.

You will also want to be ready for those cold mornings with a heavy coat, sturdy gloves and a mug of hot coffee to keep you warm — just be sure to sip it only when your rig is stopped. If you’re comfortable and your rig is in working order, waking up before the sunrise in the frigid temperatures won’t feel as tedious.

If you’re looking for a snow plow that takes as little maintenance as possible, consider one that doesn’t use hydraulics or electrical components. Your prep work will be cut in half and you won’t have to worry about additional things on your checklist. These plows will make installation and operating straightforward and quick.

The LT Utility Plow offers low-maintenance plowing and is self-engaging. It features a rubber cutting edge so you can use it on concrete, gravel and brick without cutting into turf or scratching pavement.

So make sure that your plow rig is prepared when the first heavy snowfall hits, because it may not be too far away.



Who uses a SnowSport® plow?

One of the blessings of social media is we get to see our customers using our products. So if you want to know who uses a SnowSport® plow, just read on to see them in action.

Last week, we showed you a pair of customer reviews of the SnowSport® HD Utility Plow. Here are a few more videos from happy customers putting their plows to work.

First, more of the SnowSport® HD Utility Plow.


Now, here are some videos of the SnowSport® 180 Utility Plow going to work: