If your trailer is worth protecting, consider these mud flaps

So you’ve got a trailer, huh? What is it, a boat? Camper? Toy hauler? Something else?

Whatever it is, I bet it wasn’t cheap.

If you’re lucky, you’ve been spared any serious rock damage. If you’re not lucky, you’ve got some dings and marks in your trailer’s finish, or maybe a few repair bills.

Maybe you’re really unlucky like a member of my family who was towing his classic camper a couple of years ago when his tire threw a rock into the camper’s front window, shattering it. Worse, the force of the wind blowing through the new hole was enough to bust the camper’s side door open, warping the door frame.

In any case, I imagine you’d like to prevent any future rock damage to your trailer or cargo.

Here’s your solution: You need some solid mud flaps, like these:

These are the ROCKSTAR™ hitch-mounted mud flaps. We make them here at Agri-Cover, Inc., in Jamestown, N.D.

These mud flaps mount to a 2” receiver hitch. They install in very little time and require no drilling. The flaps are thick with half an inch of rubber standing guard between your trailer and rock damage. The rubber has a smooth finish to resist mud and ice buildup.

The custom frame’s shape contours to the curves of a pickup’s bumper. It comes in smooth, mill-finish aluminum or bright diamond plate. Either way, the frame will never rust.

The frame also features a built-in stabilizer plate that keeps the ROCKSTAR™ mud flaps level with the truck’s bumper. It has openings for access to pins and wiring for trailer lights and brakes.

Here is a video that details how to install a set on your pickup:

We’ve got more information and photos about these mud flaps here on our website. You can also place an order for some ROCKSTAR™ hitch-mounted mud flaps and have a set coming your direction right away.

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Q&A: Will this tonneau cover let me tow with a 5th-wheel or gooseneck hitch?

ACCESS Roll-Up Cover on pickup with fifth-wheel hitch

A good question to ask when choosing a tonneau cover is what sort of work will the truck — and especially the bed — be doing? This is important if you ever want to tow a trailer using a 5th-wheel or gooseneck hitch.

All ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers are designed to roll up out of the way whenever you need complete use of your pickup’s bed.

That means that all you have to do is roll the cover to the front of your truck box and secure it with the straps any time you want to hook your pickup to a trailer using a gooseneck or 5th-wheel hitch (assuming you already have that hitch installed).

ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers are built this way so you never need to remove the cover and frame to carry a large load. Just roll the cover up and you’re ready.

And once you’ve reached the campsite and parked the trailer, the cover rolls out flat to protect any cargo from the elements while you’re out getting supplies or exploring. Since you never have to remove the tonneau cover for large loads or towing, covering the bed up again is simple.