Watch how we make our tonneau covers

how we make tonneau covers
Lola, left, helps Made For The Outdoors Host Lindsey Hayes sew the edge of an ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover while filming an episode about how our tonneau covers are manufactured.

Made For The Outdoors visited our factory last year to document the process of making ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers. Host Lindsey Hayes went behind the scenes and even tried out some of the steps herself. The episode shows her sewing a vinyl tonneau cover and preparing the hardware required to install the cover. Hayes also installed a tonneau cover on a pickup.

This video shares the company culture behind the truck bed covers. Hayes interviewed several employees and spent time exploring the facility on our company tricycles (She was particularly enamored with the trikes). Watch to the very end to see her riding with a big crew of Agri-Cover people.

Watch the episode here:

Made For The Outdoors airs on Fox Sports North, Fox Sports Wisconsin and the Sportsman Channel. Check local listings for air times.

How to measure your truck bed for an ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover

Are you thinking about getting an ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover for your truck bed?

First, thank you for considering us. Second, let’s make sure we get the tonneau cover that will fit your truck.

Misjudging your bed length is surprisingly easy. I say this because we get a number of tonneau covers returned each year when customers order the wrong size. Many people make the easy mistake of ordering a standard-bed cover for a short-bed truck, or vice versa.

Also, different manufacturers measure their truck beds in different ways, which can lead to confusion. We recommend you get a tape measure to determine your bed size and make certain you only have to order once. Here’s a guide to getting the right length:

Sean’s truck was buried in several feet of heavy snow. This is what happened to his ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover.

There’s a truck under there. I promise!

Imagine coming outside and finding your truck like this. That’s just what happened to Sean T. in New York in late 2014. Pictured here is his Ford F150, which is equipped with an ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover. I’ll let him take the story from here.

“After getting over 7 feet of snow in 2 days back in November 2014 I thought my cover for sure would be shot and I would have to buy a new one. Snow drifts on my truck bed cover were as high as the snow in my yard.”

“The cross bar tubes that support the cover flexed and deflected to the max under the heavy load.”

“To my surprise when I finally got all the snow off the cover the bars flexed back into shape the the cover had not ripped or torn at all! Thanks ACCESS. I’m now looking at purchasing an ADARAC for my truck to haul canoes and kayaks.”

Sean later sent us these photos after he installed his new ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System.

As you can see, Sean’s tonneau cover is doing just fine.

Can I put a tonneau cover on a leased truck? Yes. Here’s why

We recently heard from a pickup driver who wanted a tonneau cover from us but was afraid to get one because the customer’s vehicle is a leased truck. The customer feared adding any sort of accessories to the truck would violate the lease agreement.

I contacted two local experts on leasing pickups and other vehicles, and they both said people who lease trucks would be fine adding a tonneau cover like our ACCESS® Original Roll-Up Cover.

There are several reasons a driver might want to lease a pickup instead of buying one, according to James Morris, finance and lease manager at R.M. Stoudt, and Steve Jaskoviak, finance manager at Don Wilhelm, Inc., which are both dealerships here in Jamestown, North Dakota.

Morris said people and companies who lease pickups instead of purchasing them can get more truck for the money. This is because the monthly payment for leasing a particular vehicle is usually much less than the monthly loan payment for buying the same make and model.

Jaskoviak said that when you lease a truck, you also can trade it in every two or three years and then lease a brand-new pickup with new, upgraded technology.  It also means that if a pickup develops problems that make it less desirable as a long-term work truck or personal truck, a lessee can walk away from it at the end of the lease contract’s term.

When choosing accessories for a truck, it’s important to choose ones that can be completely uninstalled and don’t require permanently altering the vehicle.

“Alterations in suspension, engine will affect a leased vehicle,” Jaskoviak said. “Since the leasing company is the actual owner they do not let a lessee do dramatic alterations to the core of the vehicle.”

With the exception of some specialized applications, ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers do not require any permanent modification of a truck. They attach to a truck’s bed rails using TITE BITE™ clamps that attach to the bed without drilling and maintain a superior grip between the truck bed cover and the bed.

“I lease my truck now and have a tonneau,” Morris said. “I will probably put it on my next truck. It is a none-issue as I have leased a lot of trucks with tonneau covers.”

Make sure that you take all the correct steps if you’re installing a tonneau cover yourself. Take your time; a rushed install could lead to mistakes that damage the truck, your cover, or you (or all of the above). Here is a video that shows all the steps to installing an ACCESS® Brand Roll-Up Cover:

Here’s a review of our tonneau covers from one customer who leased his truck, Ken P. in British Columbia, Canada:

Just wanted to write a review about the quality and how well suited your tonneau cover it is for people needing quick access to the box. I have just ordered my third cover as I lease my trucks for 3 years. One Long box Ford, one short box Chevy and now a tiny box Toyota. At first I was skeptical that a Roll-up cover would stand up to our harsh Northern BC winter climate but I wanted something that I could easily get out of the way when throwing the sled or garbage cans in the back. The Access cover is fast, easy and always tight. After 3 years in our harsh weather they still look great. I have been very happy with the Access tonneau cover. 

But even if an accessory requires some sort of modification to the vehicle, or if you still feel anxious about an accessory for a lease truck, you always have the option of speaking with the leasing company and asking if a particular accessory would cause any problems for you down the line.

It will be the easiest if you do this while negotiating the terms of the lease. If you have the company’s blessing in writing, then you know for certain that an accessory won’t hurt you when the time comes to turn the lease pickup back in.

Also, if you choose to buy the leased truck after the term ends, you don’t have to worry about your accessories or modifications.

Lastly, you might want to look at accessories that could protect the truck from costly damage in the long term. One suggestion is our ACCESS™ Truck Bed Mat.

If you’re leasing your truck to carry materials that could scratch or dent the bed — like gravel or tools with sharp edges — you risk damaging your work truck’s bed and paying for the damage when you turn the truck in.

The ACCESS™ Truck Bed Mat is a thick carpet is made from 100% recycled soda and water bottles. It installs easily in a few minutes and adds durability to any bed, cushioning the force of dropped cargo and keeping materials from shifting around. If it gets dirty, just spray it off with a power washer.

If you do install this carpet on a lease truck, make certain you use the adhesive snaps included with the kit and not the drill-in snaps, which could affect your lease.

When it comes time to turn in the leased truck, use the flat end of a flathead screwdriver placed just under the edge of the snap and a small wood shim to pry against. The snap will pop off either taking the adhesive with it or leaving the adhesive on the truck. In the latter case, just use your thumb to roll it off.

Q&A: Can an ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover handle heavy loads of snow?

ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers  have been tested under all weather conditions and can endure even heavy mountain region snowfalls.

We’re often asked how well our tonneau covers handle snow. As we make these products in North Dakota, we know a thing or two about heavy snow. Our covers have been tested under all weather conditions and can endure even heavy mountain region snowfalls.

We also hear from our customers from time to time about how well our products handle extreme weather. Here is a review from Rich Z. of New York, about what happened when his 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 and its ACCESS® Roll-Up Cover got a heavy dose of snow:

In October of 06 we had a freak snow storm in this area. There was about 6 feet of heavy wet snow (not exagerating). My truck looked like it had a bed mount camper. I’m guessing that there must of been 4 tons of wet snow on the cover, my back springs were bottomed out !!!! I was expecting the cover to be torn to shreds and sitting in the truck bed. The cover stood tough and is still going strong 7 years later. I’m giving access a 5 star rating but would easily give it a 10 rating. You will not be disapointed if you purchase this company’s covers. I am in the process of buying a new truck and unfortunately my existing cover won’t fit the new vehicle so I will be ordering a new cover. Thanks for an amazing product !!!

Dry Gear and Gas Savings with Access Tonneau Covers

Are you staying dry this spring? If not, we can help out. Our tonneau covers are designed to keep moisture and other elements out of your truck bed, so if you are driving in the rain and the mud, a cover on the bed of your truck is essential to keeping your gear clean and dry.

Access Tonneau Cover in the rain

Access tonneau covers are designed to enhance today’s trucks. With its ability to fully open and close in seconds, it will easily blend with any lifestyle. When closed the tonneau is secured by the automatic latching system; when open, the storage straps secure it neatly and compactly behind the cab for hauling. There’s never a need to remove the cover, as it rolls up neatly and compactly behind the truck cab. If you’re not hauling big items it’s best to keep the cover closed, as gas mileage will increase by as much as 10%. The aerodynamics of the cover keeps the wind from hitting your tailgate.

There’s no need to worry about the weather conditions either; the Access is built to withstand the toughest winters and the hottest summers. The Access tonneau cover material is made of a textured heavy duty, double-coated, UV protected reinforced vinyl that remains flexible at -40F and is stretch and shrink resistant.

The element seal that comes standard makes a tight fit by sealing the gaps at the front of the cover and combined with the fabric flap located at both front and rear of the cover, makes the Access virtually element proof.

What you need to do to prepare for your fall camping trip

When the weather cools down, there’s no reason the active season needs to end. As campgrounds become less crowded and the weather cools down, fall conditions can make for some of the more pleasant outdoor experiences. And let’s not forget it’s also hunting season.

If you’re used to only getting outdoors in the summer, you’re in for a whole new experience with the crisp air, fresh scents and colorful leaves that come along with a shift in the season. Before you head out, take a look at this checklist to ensure you and your belongings remain warm and dry:

* Bring more clothes than you’ll think you’ll need. You can always put more clothes on, as long as you have them. In cold weather, it’s just as important to stay dry, as it is to stay warm. So if you work up a sweat with your afternoon activity, it’s a good idea to change into dry clothes for the evening.

* Concentrate on keeping your hands, feet and head warm. These are common places for heat to escape your body. Dry-fit socks are a good investment to keep your feet warm. You may also find that the extra pair of gloves or the handwarmers you packed will go a long way toward keeping you toasty.

* If you plan on being outside a lot, a campfire will keep you warm all night. Make sure you have enough wood and scout out places where you can buy firewood before you head out. Transporting wood over long distances is not recommended, as you can unwittingly transport invasive species like the emerald ash borer. Depending on the size of the fire, dryness and type of wood, a bundle of wood will last one to two hours.

* If you plan on camping, make sure you have a properly rated sleeping bag. Most sleeping bags come with ratings that will tell you the lowest temperature at which they’ll remain comfortable.

* As you’ll probably need more gear for a cold-weather outdoors trip, consider options for storing it. If there’s no place at your destination to keep your gear warm and dry, considering bringing a tarp to protect it. A storage device, such as a truck bed cover that both keeps your gear secure and protected from the elements can provide the ideal storage solution. For example, the Access Original Roll-Up Cover offered by Agri-Cover can be fitted to your truck and locked so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet or stolen while you are out exploring. More information can be found at

With the proper preparation, cold weather outdoors trips can offer you a new and interesting recreational experience, and it may prove to be more comfortable than you previously thought.

Courtesy of ARAcontent

Camping Access CoverQuick read:

What you need to do to prepare for your fall outdoors trip

(ARA) – When the weather cools down, there’s no reason the active season needs to end. As campgrounds become less crowded and the weather cools down, fall conditions can make for some of the more pleasant outdoors experiences. And let’s not forget it’s also hunting season.

Before you head out on your camping trip, take a look at this checklist to ensure you and your belongings remain warm and dry:

* Bring more clothes than you’ll think you’ll need.

* Concentrate on keeping your hands, feet and head warm.

* Make sure you have enough wood and scout out places to buy firewood before you head out.

* If you plan on camping, make sure you have a properly rated sleeping bag.

* A storage device, such as a tonneau cover that both keeps your gear secure and protected from the elements can provide the ideal storage solution. For example, the Access Roll-Up Cover offered by Agri-Cover can be fitted to your truck and locked so you don’t have to worry about your belongings getting wet or stolen while you are out exploring. More information can be found at

Tips for increasing your truck’s gas mileage

Access Tonneau Cover Gas Savings CalculatorWith the high cost of fuel, many pickup owners are feeling the burn at the pump. While some consumers may be able to purchase a new truck that gets better gas mileage, many of us are financially stuck with the truck we currently have. To cope, there are several things you can do to save gas money now.

Oil it up: As most auto body technicians will tell you, checking and changing your oil is one of the most overlooked items. Clean oil reduces wear caused by friction between moving parts and removes harmful substances from the engine, ensuring your engine will run at peak performance. And don’t forget to keep it clean. You can increase your gas mileage up to 10 percent by ensuring your oil, air and fuel filters are clean.

Fill it up: Fill up with the lowest octane gasoline possible for your vehicle. That pricey premium fuel won’t boost your truck’s fuel economy or performance. Passing on pricey premium gasoline could save you hundreds of dollars a year, according to the Car Care Council. The council also suggests tightening your gas cap because fuel will evaporate from your tank if it has an escape. Loose, missing or damaged gas caps cause 147 million gallons of gas to evaporate each year, according to the Car Care Council. So be sure to tighten up that gas cap each time you fill up.

Pump it up: Check your tires to make sure they’re properly inflated and aligned. Proper inflation can improve gas mileage up to 3 percent. If you don’t know what the right pressure is for your tires and truck, consult your owner’s manual or stop in at your local tire shop.

Ease on up: It’s hard to make changes, but if you really want to see increased gas mileage, it’s suggested you avoid unnecessary idling, revving your engine and slamming on the brakes. It is recommended that you stop and start gently, use cruise control when possible and reduce the amount of trips you make each day.

Roll on down the road: The easiest and most rewarding step you can take to see immediate gas mileage improvement is to install a truck bed cover on your pickup. A truck bed cover, also known as a tonneau cover, will reduce drag, making your vehicle more aerodynamic at high speeds. There are several different tonneau cover options available on the market today.

The Access Roll-Up Tonneau Cover, manufactured by Agri-Cover, Inc., a North Dakota truck accessory company, is an affordable and high-quality option. Made of heavy-duty, double coated vinyl, the roll-up cover installs quickly and easily with a clamp-on installation and is designed specifically to fit your truck. Since the roll-up cover is lockable, it’s also great for protecting your gear, all while improving the overall look of your vehicle. When not in use, the truck box cover can be rolled up behind the cab and never has to be removed when hauling larger items. The company estimates that you can save over $300 within the first year of installing an Access Roll-Up Coveron your truck bed.

For more information on the Access Roll-Up Cover and to find out how much gas money you could save, visit or call (888) 281-7098.

Agri-Cover, Inc. introduces the all-new TonnoSport® Roll-Up Cover

Access TonnoSport Roll-Up Truck Bed Cover Cheap tonneau cover saves gas money

ACI (Agri-Cover, Inc.) now offers the all-new ACCESS® TonnoSport® Roll-Up Cover. As an industry leader, ACI has developed this new low profile tonneau cover to be stylish, practical and affordable.

“Access® did it again!  A reliable cover at an unbelievable price,” says David from Line-X of Knoxville, TN.

The Access® TonnoSport® Roll-Up Cover gives you a sleek, low profile look at a great low price. The tonneau cover is lockable and rolls up out of the way for full bed usage. There is no need for removal when hauling larger items in the truck bed. The Access® TonnoSport® Roll-Up Cover fits your lifestyle, your truck and your budget.

Click here to BUY NOW! or to locate an ACI dealer near you,click here or call (800) 233-4655.

Access Lorado Truck Bed Cover Featured on MOTORZ TV!

ACI partnered with MOTORZ TV for a Access® Lorado® Tonneau Cover install on a 2007 Toyota Tundra. Watch how easy it is to install an Access® Roll-Up Cover and don’t miss the great bloopers at the end!

*Note: Our warranty information has changed since the video was published.

Buy a Lorado® Roll-Up Cover Now with Free Shipping!

Watch more Access Cover videos!

Testimonial from Dana, owner of the Tundra the Access® Lorado® Cover was installed on:

“I wanted to let you know I had my first chance to really utilize the Lorado tonneau cover today. First trip to the desert since the installation due to the rain. Rolled that baby up with ease, and it gave me the entire length of the bed to load all the bikes and gear…got to the desert, unloaded the bikes, then unrolled the tonneau to cover the gear we left behind at camp. Was nice to have the feeling of confidence that our belongings were secure, and not left exposed to be damaged or stolen. A roll up tonneau cover is a great alternative to the heavy, fiberglass tonneaus that take 2 people to remove, which isn’t a good option for me since I go riding on my own often. Thank you for the install and for showcasing my Tundra. You can definitely count on me to give a “thumbs up” to the Lorado and the MOTORZ crew! You guys ROCK!”