Agri-Cover’s ROLTEC® Electric Tarp Conversion can save you time and money

Using a hand-cranked electric tarp can be tough on a driver, and very time-consuming. Many in the industry are adding electric tarp systems to trucks and trailers, but this can be a hefty expense, especially if you still want to get more life out of an existing tarp.

This is where the ROLTEC® electric conversions from Agri-Cover fit in. The

Electric Tarp Conversion mounts to your existing side-locking tarp system — no matter which manufacturer made it — and turns it into an electric system.

You don’t throw out the tarp and latchplate you’ve already got installed. Just add this system to convert your existing tarp to run on electricity.

You’ll find other benefits from adding this conversion. It reduces driver fatigue, is lighter by design, and saves time allowing more trips to the elevator or other stops per day.

The system also improves safety for drivers and operators, reducing the risk of injuries. A safe driver is a productive driver, while an injured driver means one fewer person to help with the work — not to mention the costs of caring for the injured driver.

This video shows the steps involved in installing a ROLTEC® tarp conversion:

The ROLTEC® attaches to the existing rolltube. Its reliable and powerful drive system with oversized bearings is built for years of dependable use. Torsional pivot arms provide spring return, and the rotating and telescoping motor mount allows roll tube to rise and flex over heaped loads.

The system also includes a simple manual override in case of power loss. Just remove the pin at the front of the trailer, attach the crank handle at the rear of the trailer, and then open and close the tarp like before the conversion.

The conversion system also works with Agri-Cover’s COMMAND-10® remote. The remote lets a driver operate a combination of up to 10 electric tarps, hopper trap openers or accessories from more than 100 feet away. Simply hold down a button to operate, and release it to stop at any point.

Drivers have the option to have multiple trucks programmed to one remote, or decide to have multiple remotes programmed for several trucks. The COMMAND-10® remote shuts off when its lid is closed or after 3 minutes of inactivity for long-lasting battery life.

Here’s a video that shows how to program the COMMAND-10® remote to suit your application:

ROLTEC® conversions can add productivity, safety and utility to your farm operation. You can order yours online, or contact Agri-Cover at 866-414-5422 to make an order or find a dealer close to you.

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