Check out these 10 uses for this LED light

Darkness is lying in wait for you in so many places. Here are 10 spots where you can install an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light and send darkness packing.

1. A truck bed.

Adding a tonneau cover solves a lot of problems, but it can block light when you need to find something in the bed. This ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light lets you keep the bed covered but see what you need to see.

This is the original purpose of this battery light: to put light in a truck bed without having to wire it into a power supply. If you hate searching in the dark for something in the back of your truck, add one of these lights and your problem is solved.

2. Boats.

Fishing in the dark is overrated. A well-placed ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light means you don’t have to try and locate a dropped lure or hook just by feeling around for it (OUCH!).

There are many hidden spots on boats where your keys, a lure or something else important can fall and be hard to find in the darkness. The light’s 3M adhesive let’s you stick it to most any surface and the whole assembly is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about it getting splashed.

3. Enclosed trailers.

The storage and work spaces in this toy-hauler trailer are much more useful thanks to an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light overhead.

Trailers meant to carry cargo often have plenty of dark spaces, and wiring them for lighting can be quite a bit of work. With a battery light, you don’t have to worry about where you can run cables. You just peel the backing off the adhesive and stick the light where you need it.

4. Sheds.

If you can’t find anything because it’s too dark, that storage shed isn’t really helping you. Add an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light so you don’t have find your gear by touch.

Storage sheds are great at keeping your property dry, but they often lack decent lighting — let alone electricity. Stick one of these lights on the wall or ceiling so you can see what you need to find.

5. Toolboxes.

It’s a lot easier to find your tools when your toolbox has enough light.

Can you tell by touch alone the difference between a ½” wrench and a 13mm? If not, you need to consider lighting up your toolbox so you can find the right tool every time.

6. Cupboards and cabinets.

The average home has plenty of dark cabinets. If you need more light, just add an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light and you’re set.

You’ve probably got half a dozen of these in your home. How often do you wish you could see inside them better? These lights stick to the sides and tops of cabinets, so you can aim the LEDs wherever you want the light to shine.

7. Gun safes.

Gun safes rarely have enough usable light. Add an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light so you can see inside your safe.

Manufacturers usually focus on strength and security when building gun safes, while visibility is often not a priority. Quality firearms often have finishes that can be scratched by clumsy handling when going into or coming out of a safe — which can give rust an avenue to start eating at the metal. Put a light in your safe so you don’t wind up smacking your guns together while trying to find the one you want.

8. ATVs

This ATV has an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light mounted to light up the area behind it.

Stick a light along the rear of your four-wheeler to give yourself a portable light for any time you have to work in the field. The mounted light lets you work with both hands instead of having to hold a flashlight with one.

9. Fish houses and hunting cabins.

Adding an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light to a fishhouse can keep you from fishing in the dark and wondering where you dropped that lure.

Hunters and anglers often build shelters out where the only power is what you bring to camp. An ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light gives many hours of usable light off a single set of batteries, and the long-lasting LEDs mean you never have to worry about burned-out bulbs.

10. Your home bar.

Sticking an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light to the top of this liquor cabinet made it easy to find the right spirit. It also impresses the guests.

Many homeowners keep their liquor and wine hidden in cabinets, drawers or closets to keep it away from curious children. This can make it hard to find the right bottle when you want a drink. The solution: Stick a battery light to the top of your cabinet, pointing down at the bottles, and position the battery box in a spot where you can easily find its switch by touch. The next time you have a party, you’ll be able to find the spirit of your choice much more quickly.

Also, the lighting makes your liquor collection look incredible.

How to install this light

The light is easy to install. Here’s a video that shows the steps:

Hunting seasons opening for upland game, waterfowl

If the birds are calling you, wait no longer, the season is here. All across the United States, hunters are gearing up to go after waterfowl like ducks and geese and upland birds like quail, sharptail grouse and pheasants.

Check with your local department of natural resources or fish and game commission for any regulations that may have changes since last year. Being prepared for the seasons means more than having the latest gear and a well-trained dog in the field.

If you haven’t found yourself on the field yet this season, you will have some work to do. After you’ve secured your hunting license and all stamps for the year, make sure you have all your gear ready to go. After plenty of training, your hunting dog will be ready to head out as the sun rises to get some of the best game early in the season. If you’re in a new location or just picking up the sport, check the regulations on time of day open to hunting. Also, if you’re hunting waterfowl over decoys, be sure to account for travel time and how long it will take to set up your spread when deciding what time to set your alarm clock for.

There are two good pickup accessories available to help you when you get to the field. First, consider creating extra storage compartments in your pickup box using ACCESS™ Truck Bed Pockets. The pockets are great for smaller items like boxes of shells, decoy bags and boots. You will know where to grab for your gear in a rush and your bed won’t be cluttered.

Second, if you’re setting up decoys before dawn, consider an ACCESS™ LED Light for your pickup bed. The light can work with any 12-volt power source and casts a powerful floodlight so you don’t have to fumble in the dark trying to find decoy parts or other bits of gear.

 Although you may have most of your ducks in a row, make a mental checklist before you head out for a long day. Always pack an emergency/first aid kit, binoculars, knife, whistle, decoys, gloves, and food and water for your dog.

 And as always, enjoy the season.

Bowhunting seasons opening in U.S.

Across the U.S., bowhunters are gearing up for the season. Each state regulates their opening day but some states in the Midwest, like North Dakota, have already had their season opener.  Read on to learn more about the unique and exciting challenges bowhunting offers.

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