Klein: Try leadcore trolling to find walleye

This is Josh Klein. He is a professional angler in the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit, and he is sponsored by ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps and uses them to protect his fishing boat.

We asked Josh to share some tips on fishing with us. Today, he’s got this primer on leadcore trolling for walleye:

I’m gonna talk about a technique in the walleye world known as leadcore trolling or pulling lead as many call it. It is a very effective way to trigger walleyes at a certain depth.

Leadcore line is a continuous string of lead covered in a Dacron layer, usually finished with a mono or fireline leader.

All lead line is multicolored with every color being 25 feet of line. This allows some anglers to count colors instead  of relying on a line counter reel that more than likely is not calibrated to the others in the boat, meaning depth and consistency is the key. Once you find fish at a certain depth or on a particular piece of structure duplicating all other lines is key.

Essentially, lead allows anglers to put a variety of crankbaits and in some cases spoons or bass-style spinnerbaits at any depth depending on amount of line let out and boat speed. The slower you troll, the more your gear falls, and the faster you troll, the more your gear rises.

Leadcore trolling is a very versatile tactic and often overlooked when the dog days of summer are upon us.

Pre-rigged combo rods are usually available at a fair price, so I urge anglers who haven’t tried leadcore trolling to go for it, I think it will become another weapon in your arsenal.

What’s the difference between receiver, gooseneck and fifth-wheel hitches?

If you want to know the differences between receiver, gooseneck and fifth-wheel hitches, this series of videos by Ram Trucks is a handy guide. It shows how to hook up a trailer using each sort of hitch and shares some facts about the capabilities of each hitch.

First up, receiver hitches:

Now fifth-wheel hitches:

Finally, gooseneck hitches:

Trucks at the Super Bowl

Last year, Ram Trucks made a big splash during the Super Bowl with its commercial, “Farmer,” embedded above. (You can see a longer version with more of Paul Harvey’s speech here). It exploded across social media and got the company a great deal of attention, especially in the agriculture industry.

Chevrolet already released its Super Bowl commercial for the Silverado HD, called “Romance.” It takes the format of its super-serious, minimalist “Strong” campaign and has a bit of fun on the topic of where beef really comes from.

Chevrolet is running this spot as well as another unrevealed 1-minute spot during the big game.

As of this writing, Ram (now a part of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles), hasn’t tipped its hand on Super Bowl XLVIII, but we do know that Chrysler is the fourth-largest buyer of Super Bowl airtime this year. I’d say the odds are good it’s going to try and top the response it got last year with “Farmer.”

Ford has something hybrid-centered for the Super Bowl. There have been occasional rumors of a hybrid pickup from them, but nothing ever seems to materialize. We’ll see. Ford’s spot is expected to air just before kickoff.

Also, this Toyota commercial popped up just this past week. Could it be hinting at something to come?

We’ll update this post with any more Super Bowl commercials that appear. Let us know what you think of these ads in the comments section.

Monday morning update:

Well, the big game is passed. I missed a good bit of it because my TV signal went to pot sometime in the second quarter and didn’t recover until there were a few minutes left in the fourth. That’s just life for you.

First up is Chevrolet’s second big game commercial. It’s a bit of a slow burn that seems like a soft, romantic piece. Then, in the last few seconds it reveals exactly what is happening. Anyone who’s ever had a loved one fight cancer can relate to this:

Ram Trucks didn’t have anything to top its big hit from last year, but it did upload this little video yesterday.

I’m not sure if it aired on TV, and it seems Fiat Chrysler put its big money into its Bob Dylan ad for the Chrysler 200, a Maserati bit and this Jeep spot:

Ford kept its trucks in the garage for the Super Bowl. Its advertising was for the hybrid Fusion sedan. So did Toyota, but it did bring out the Muppets for the Highlander.

That’s all I saw last night, but between the technical difficulties and taking care of my kid, I might have missed something. If so, let me know in the comments.

If your trailer is worth protecting, consider these mud flaps

So you’ve got a trailer, huh? What is it, a boat? Camper? Toy hauler? Something else?

Whatever it is, I bet it wasn’t cheap.

If you’re lucky, you’ve been spared any serious rock damage. If you’re not lucky, you’ve got some dings and marks in your trailer’s finish, or maybe a few repair bills.

Maybe you’re really unlucky like a member of my family who was towing his classic camper a couple of years ago when his tire threw a rock into the camper’s front window, shattering it. Worse, the force of the wind blowing through the new hole was enough to bust the camper’s side door open, warping the door frame.

In any case, I imagine you’d like to prevent any future rock damage to your trailer or cargo.

Here’s your solution: You need some solid mud flaps, like these:

These are the ROCKSTAR™ hitch-mounted mud flaps. We make them here at Agri-Cover, Inc., in Jamestown, N.D.

These mud flaps mount to a 2” receiver hitch. They install in very little time and require no drilling. The flaps are thick with half an inch of rubber standing guard between your trailer and rock damage. The rubber has a smooth finish to resist mud and ice buildup.

The custom frame’s shape contours to the curves of a pickup’s bumper. It comes in smooth, mill-finish aluminum or bright diamond plate. Either way, the frame will never rust.

The frame also features a built-in stabilizer plate that keeps the ROCKSTAR™ mud flaps level with the truck’s bumper. It has openings for access to pins and wiring for trailer lights and brakes.

Here is a video that details how to install a set on your pickup:

We’ve got more information and photos about these mud flaps here on our website. You can also place an order for some ROCKSTAR™ hitch-mounted mud flaps and have a set coming your direction right away.

Visit our website to Buy Now