Hit us with your questions about this GMC Canyon.


I’ve seen folks asking online if anyone has a Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon, and what the new mid-size trucks are like.

Well, we have one. We also have tonneau covers for them.

If you want to know anything about our GMC Canyon, ask us in the comments section. We’ll do our best to get you an answer.

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Johnny Tonneau

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3 thoughts on “Hit us with your questions about this GMC Canyon.”

  1. My new Colorado had a Literider Tonneau Cover put on a couple of Months ago. The fit was almost perfect and the tension adjustments are awesome. I say \Almost\ because the cover could be about about 1/4 inch narrower. It extends down to the rail. The new one is a little harder to roll up, probably because the Velcro is fully engaged due to the wide fit. I had a Literider on my previous vehicle and it looked like new when I traded it in. All I did was treat it once a year with Turtle Wax Vinyl Protectant. I noticed my new one has a textured Vinyl fabric that’s looks classy, but I hope it will last as long as my previous one. Nice job, Agri-Cover.

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