Klein: Try leadcore trolling to find walleye

This is Josh Klein. He is a professional angler in the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit, and he is sponsored by ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps and uses them to protect his fishing boat.

We asked Josh to share some tips on fishing with us. Today, he’s got this primer on leadcore trolling for walleye:

I’m gonna talk about a technique in the walleye world known as leadcore trolling or pulling lead as many call it. It is a very effective way to trigger walleyes at a certain depth.

Leadcore line is a continuous string of lead covered in a Dacron layer, usually finished with a mono or fireline leader.

All lead line is multicolored with every color being 25 feet of line. This allows some anglers to count colors instead  of relying on a line counter reel that more than likely is not calibrated to the others in the boat, meaning depth and consistency is the key. Once you find fish at a certain depth or on a particular piece of structure duplicating all other lines is key.

Essentially, lead allows anglers to put a variety of crankbaits and in some cases spoons or bass-style spinnerbaits at any depth depending on amount of line let out and boat speed. The slower you troll, the more your gear falls, and the faster you troll, the more your gear rises.

Leadcore trolling is a very versatile tactic and often overlooked when the dog days of summer are upon us.

Pre-rigged combo rods are usually available at a fair price, so I urge anglers who haven’t tried leadcore trolling to go for it, I think it will become another weapon in your arsenal.

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