Father’s Day gift ideas for children of pickup owners

Father’s Day is coming up. If you’re stretching for ideas on what to get him, ask yourself: Does my dad own a pickup? If the answer is yes, then any of these gift ideas could work for you.

Father's Day Gift Idea No. 1
EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool. MSRP: $19.95

#1. EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool

One reality of truck ownership is that cargo loves to work its way up to the front of the bed while you’re driving. This makes it unreachable from the tailgate and a pain to get by reaching over the bedrail.

This is why the EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool is so nice. It’s five feet long and makes it easy to reach and get whatever gear is out of reach.

As a father myself, I’d love it if my daughter bought me one of these. Then again, I’d be very confused, because she’s 22 months old and has no concept of money.

Father's Day Gift Idea No. 2
ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light. MSRP: $39.95

 #2. ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light

Does your dad ever gripe about how he needs more light somewhere, be it in his truck, his toolbox or his closet?

Give him an ACCESS™ AA Battery LED Light. This battery-powered light uses a strong 3M adhesive to stick most anywhere you need it, and the automatic shut-off means your dad won’t kill the batteries if he forgets to turn it off.

Here’s a video that shows how to install this light, and many ways it can be used:

Also, if your dad is into doing his own electrical projects, you can consider the ACCESS™ LED Lights, which come in four different lengths and can be hooked into any 12-volt power source.

Father's Day Gift Idea No. 3
ACCESS® Cargo Management Kit. MSRP starts at $44.90

 #3. ACCESS® Cargo Management Kits

Remember that EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool from item 1? Take that, and add a set of our ACCESS® Truck Bed Pockets G2 and you’ve got an ACCESS® Cargo Management Kit.

The kit uses the Truck Bed Pockets to create useful storage for smaller items behind the wheelwells of the truck bed. The pockets also have notches that hold the EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool to create a fence at the back of the truck bed to keep larger items organized.

Also, if you want to give your dad the absolute best in cargo management, you can upgrade to the ACCESS® Cargo Management HD Kit, which includes the diamond plate ACCESS®Truck Bed Pockets HD and an extendable EZ-RETRIEVER® Cargo Reaching Tool.

Father's Day Gift Idea No. 4
ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover: MSRP starting at $602

#4 ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover

OK then, you really want to blow your dad away with an upgrade for his truck? Get him an ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover. It’s our premium tonneau cover and it comes with a special group of accessories.

Along with the tonneau cover, you get:

And if you really want to surprise him, you could pitch in and help with installing everything. Here’s a video that details all the steps in installing an ACCESS® Limited Roll-Up Cover and all the accessories:

Truck news: Nissan’s got something coming, Toyota is moving and more news about pickups

It’s time we went through what’s going on in the truck industry lately. Here’s what’s happening with trucks.


The big news from Nissan just this morning was its hint via Instagram of its new pickup, which it says will be revealed June 11.

Jalopnik has more analysis of this news. I wonder if this might be the new Frontier, and if it could have that diesel I4 that they teased earlier this year.


Toyota dropped some big news about its American operations last month: It’s moving lots of jobs to Plano, Texas. Toyota already makes its Tundra pickup near San Antonio, but now its headquarters will be in the state too.


Chevrolet is now offering this Silverado SSV to police departments.

GMC announced a new All Terrain package for HD Sierra pickups:

Ram and Jeep

Fiat Chrysler’s new five-year plan came out last month. The plan is ambitious and shakes up several brands in the company.

The Ram 1500 will get a refresh in 2015, and a complete redesign for the 2017 model year.

Jeep, though, has some big plans. There will be a new Wrangler and Grand Cherokee in 2017, and the Grand Wagoneer will return in 2018 as a large luxurious SUV. It also is introducing some smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles that it expects to be very big sellers.

Also, remember that Power Wagon Ram revealed earlier this year? Some complained that it got a big gas engine instead of a Cummins diesel. Here’s why Ram took the gasser route.


The Blue Oval sold its 500,000 F-150 with an EcoBoost engine in May. Starting this fall, Ford will offer two different EcoBoost V6 engines in its aluminum-bodied F-150, and it will be interesting to see how those engines perform.

Ford is releasing more information about its new F-150 and they are doing everything they can to show customers how strong and durable their aluminum-bodied trucks can be. For example, they announced last week that they had sent a few prototype aluminum-bedded trucks to a few customers for some undercover testing back in 2011. And here’s a collection of torture-test videos with the F-150.

Also, Ford just released this video about the assembly process going into its new pickups:

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