Honoring service in Jamestown

Monday is Memorial Day, when we honor those who fought and died in service of this nation. We are located just up the road from some remarkable memorials to fallen service members, and we’d like to share about them.

Just down the road from us is Fort Seward, a historical site that was home to a U.S. Army post from 1872 to 1877. Today it features an interpretive center with artifacts from the fort and information about its history, and it also features the Veterans Memorial Wall.

Veterans Memorial Wall
Photo credit: Jamestown Tourism

The wall honors by name the Stutsman County residents who were killed in action during all of the wars in which the United States participated, and it lists all the North Dakota servicemembers who were prisoners of war or received the Medal of Honor.

Photo credit: Jamestown Tourism

The path around the Veterans Memorial Wall is paved with bricks bearing the names of American veterans. If you know a veteran you would like to honor, you can buy a brick and have it installed on this path. Call Fort Seward at 251-1875 for more information about dedicating a brick.

Photo credit: Jamestown tourism

Fort Seward also features this massive American flag, which can be seen from far across town and makes it easy to find the place. They don’t fly it during rough weather, though, so here’s a map.

Jamestown’s All Vets Club also has a work of art worth seeing.

Photo credit: Elmer Peterson

Artist Elmer Peterson made this sculpture on commission in 1974 and named it the “Bicentennial Monument.” The sculpture is bronze with parts chrome-plated and on a stainless-steel background.

This picture, though, doesn’t really do the sculpture justice. It’s 27 feet wide, and you need to see it in person to fully comprehend its scale. It’s located on the sidewalk, so finding it is easy enough.

You can learn more about interesting sites and sights in Jamestown through Jamestown Tourism.

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  1. I would like to honor my husband (35-year Navy veteran) and his four brothers (who all served in World War II), all born in Jamestown, by purchasing a brick for each. However, the gentleman who was in charge passed away and I am unable to find out who I can talk to about this. Any contact information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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