Truck News: What’s happening in the truck world?

There’s been all sorts of news in the pickup truck world lately. Here’s a digest of some of the things you might have missed.

First up, let’s talk about Ram.

Ram caught up with Chevrolet in pickup sales in March. Ram sold 42,532 trucks while Chevy sold 42,247. This is the first time this has happened since the 1990s (and Ram was part of the Dodge name).

Ram also recently revealed a few updates to its truck lines. For starters, its Pentastar V6 is so popular Ram is making it available on more truck models, including the fancier-trimmed ones.

Here is the new Ram Power Wagon.

You can read all about it here or watch it here:

And Ram is also offering its Ram Black Express trim on HD pickups.

Now, here’s some news about Chevrolet. Like I mentioned above, Ram pulled ahead of them in March, and there are plenty of reports that indicate Chevy’s folks were not too happy about it.

Chevrolet rolled out plenty of incentives in March, and it’s keeping those incentives coming this month. It also rolled out its High Country trim level for HD pickups. Take a look:

But here’s some really good news for Chevrolet: and Vincentric are saying that when you account for insurance, depreciation, reliability, fuel and all over factors, the Chevy Silverado is actually the cheapest truck to own over a 5-year-period.

Meanwhile, Ford is still selling trucks — what else — by the truckload and getting ready for its updated 2015 F-150 to hit dealer lots. In case you haven’t heard, the new F-150 will have an all-aluminum body.

There have been plenty of stories about all the steps Ford has taken in planning this process out. For example, it’s doing a new recycling plan that’s supposed to save it $125 on each one of these new F-150s.

Ford knows that a lot of customers are skeptical about these new aluminum-bodied F-150s and has been putting a lot of effort into showing how much testing and abuse it’s been throwing at them. Check out this video, for example:

This new F-150 will have a second EcoBoost option: a smaller 2.7L V6. And it’s spending half a billion dollars on a facility to make those engines in Ohio. The truck is also supposed to get some really awesome LED headlights, too.

Ford got some especially good luck recently when TV host Jimmy Fallon chose its F-150 King Ranch pickup on his program after discussing the issue on several episodes. He even had a little competition to decide which Ford salesperson would get to sell him the new truck. The winner was an Illinois dealer.

The current F-150 was also recently named one of the most “Made In America” vehicles you can buy today.

The Blue Oval is also rolling out some new Super Duty trucks soon. Here’s a look at the new F-350 King Ranch.

Finally, here’s a piece of news that will not only affect all trucks, but pretty much all consumer vehicles: Starting May 1, 2014, 100 percent of vehicles with less than 10,000 pounds GVWR will have to have rearview cameras installed at the factory.