Hunting seasons opening for upland game, waterfowl

If the birds are calling you, wait no longer, the season is here. All across the United States, hunters are gearing up to go after waterfowl like ducks and geese and upland birds like quail, sharptail grouse and pheasants.

Check with your local department of natural resources or fish and game commission for any regulations that may have changes since last year. Being prepared for the seasons means more than having the latest gear and a well-trained dog in the field.

If you haven’t found yourself on the field yet this season, you will have some work to do. After you’ve secured your hunting license and all stamps for the year, make sure you have all your gear ready to go. After plenty of training, your hunting dog will be ready to head out as the sun rises to get some of the best game early in the season. If you’re in a new location or just picking up the sport, check the regulations on time of day open to hunting. Also, if you’re hunting waterfowl over decoys, be sure to account for travel time and how long it will take to set up your spread when deciding what time to set your alarm clock for.

There are two good pickup accessories available to help you when you get to the field. First, consider creating extra storage compartments in your pickup box using ACCESS™ Truck Bed Pockets. The pockets are great for smaller items like boxes of shells, decoy bags and boots. You will know where to grab for your gear in a rush and your bed won’t be cluttered.

Second, if you’re setting up decoys before dawn, consider an ACCESS™ LED Light for your pickup bed. The light can work with any 12-volt power source and casts a powerful floodlight so you don’t have to fumble in the dark trying to find decoy parts or other bits of gear.

 Although you may have most of your ducks in a row, make a mental checklist before you head out for a long day. Always pack an emergency/first aid kit, binoculars, knife, whistle, decoys, gloves, and food and water for your dog.

 And as always, enjoy the season.

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