Q&A: How to have an ACCESS® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover and ladder rack on your pickup

Many truck owners find themselves torn between installing a tonneau cover or a rack for ladders and other long pieces of cargo. But the ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System can let them have both.

Tonneau Cover and Ladder Rack

This adjustable and sturdy rack system is made model specific for the best fit on most Ford, GM, Chevy and Dodge pickup trucks. The ADARAC™ rack sits neatly behind the cab with no obstruction of view, and is capable of carrying a 500 lb. load with ease.

The ADARAC™ is compatible with ACCESS® Roll-Up Covers and other inside-the-rail tonneau covers. For example, here is a review by a pickup owner who installed the ADARAC™ with his hard folding cover. Also, here’s a pickup owner who installed an ADARAC™  even though his tonneau cover went partially outside the rails (See posts 8-10).

The rails on the ADARAC™ system feature tie-down holes running their whole lengths, and the optional load dividers mount to the top bars to help keep loads secure.

Installation is simple and the sturdy stake pocket inserts make attaching and removing the rack easy. It bolts on and unbolts just as easily.

Here is a video detailing the steps involved in installing an ADARAC™ Truck Bed Rack System:


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16 thoughts on “Q&A: How to have an ACCESS® Roll-Up Tonneau Cover and ladder rack on your pickup”

  1. Hi there in adarac ladder rack but I have a roll lock cover installed on my pick up bed, I wondering if rack can be installed on my truck without affect the function of the roll lock cover

    Please let me know

  2. I would like to have a truck with a rack over the bed so I could haul things like ladders and outdoor equipment. Even for business trucks that have a rack like that it would be so nice to have all of that room. It would be cool to look at trucks that have those types of accessories.

  3. I have a cover that sits ontop of my rails but only about half way, it covers about 80% of the holes on the edge of the bed where the washers would go. Now my question is would this rack work with my cover sitting inside the lip of the rack?

  4. Hello,
    Very interested in the rack. I have a 2014 F-150 crewcab with short bed. I have a roll up cover. It is a LoPro by Tuxedo. The mounts sit inside the bed rails completely. I would think this rack would work just fine with that cover. Your thoughts?

  5. 2016 Ford F150, SuperCab, with an 8 foot bed
    LoPro by Tuxedo roll up tonneau

    The 2016 F150 has an aluminum body and bed. Are the aluminum stake body pockets strong enough for your Adarac? I would use it for ladders or kayaks. The kayaks range from 10 to 14 feet.

    I don’t think the 10 foot kayaks would fit well if the cross bars are 8 feet apart. Can the uprights be mounted about 1.5 feet from the end of the bed rails?

    The 8 foot bed has three stake bed pockets. Do your bed rails allow for using the center pockets for additional strength?


    1. Good Ron,

      Our Adarac has been tested with great success on the aluminum bed with no issues, the uprights can be adjusted along the rails in multiple locations forward and back. Our Adarac does also use the 6 stake pockets in the 8’ application and would be part# 70590.

  6. Are the height dimensions available for the Adarac truck rack. I want to be able to park inside my garage w/o having to remove it…
    thx much for info(or link to it).

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