Dry Gear and Gas Savings with Access Tonneau Covers

Are you staying dry this spring? If not, we can help out. Our tonneau covers are designed to keep moisture and other elements out of your truck bed, so if you are driving in the rain and the mud, a cover on the bed of your truck is essential to keeping your gear clean and dry.

Access Tonneau Cover in the rain

Access tonneau covers are designed to enhance today’s trucks. With its ability to fully open and close in seconds, it will easily blend with any lifestyle. When closed the tonneau is secured by the automatic latching system; when open, the storage straps secure it neatly and compactly behind the cab for hauling. There’s never a need to remove the cover, as it rolls up neatly and compactly behind the truck cab. If you’re not hauling big items it’s best to keep the cover closed, as gas mileage will increase by as much as 10%. The aerodynamics of the cover keeps the wind from hitting your tailgate.

There’s no need to worry about the weather conditions either; the Access is built to withstand the toughest winters and the hottest summers. The Access tonneau cover material is made of a textured heavy duty, double-coated, UV protected reinforced vinyl that remains flexible at -40F and is stretch and shrink resistant.

The element seal that comes standard makes a tight fit by sealing the gaps at the front of the cover and combined with the fabric flap located at both front and rear of the cover, makes the Access virtually element proof.

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