Why SnowSport® is the Best Snow Plow for You

SnowSport snow plowsACI (Agri-Cover, Inc.) often receives many questions on our innovativeSnowSport® Utility Plow. How does it work? How much snow can I push with it? Can I really use my ATV or Zero-Turn Mower to plow snow? All great questions and ACI is always happy to tell you why our snow plows really are unique to the market and, after using one, why so many people become believers in the SnowSport® Utility Plow. Throughout the year, the ACI Sales Team travels all over the US and Canada to shows, fairs and local dealers. We often display the SnowSport® Snow Plow with an informative DVD showing it in action at our booth. The plow is so unique to the market that it often stops people in their tracks. We’ve literally seen people plow into each other!

SnowSport 180 snow plowThe SnowSport® is so efficient and user-friendly that once you use it, you’ll never want to pick up a snow shovel or start a snow blower again! While there are many heavy steel snow plows available in today’s plow market, most of them wear and tear on your vehicle and often times on you. They can also be very expensive and usually need to be installed by a professional. With the SnowSport® Plow there are no electrical or hydraulic components to hassle with. You install the mount in about 30 minutes, attach the plow blade and you are on your way plowing in no time. Unlike heavy steel plows, the SnowSport® Snow Plow is lightweight and operates on a motion-activated system. This is why some of our customer consider it to be the best snow plow for them.

SnowSport snow plow for ATV UTVHow It Works:

1. Lower Blade: To begin plowing snow, remove pin, lift blade one end at a time and lower it over push frame, then replace pin.

2. Drive Forward: When you start driving, the snow plow automatically starts pushing snow. The blade is guided by a push frame that allows it to slide up and down with the grade of the terrain. The thick rubber cutting edge facilitates effective snow removal yet remains turf friendly.

3. Backing Up: Back up to take another pass. When driving in reverse, the blade of the snow plow lies back, skimming over the surface. When driving forward the blade automatically reengages for plowing. There are no controls to operate, all you do is drive.

4. Lift Blade When Finished: When snow removal is complete, lift the blade back over the push frame into the transport position.

Snow plow operation

So whether, you buy the SnowSport® Plow for your Truck, SUV, Mini-Van, ATV/UTV, or Zero-Turn Mower, anyone can plow snow easily and in less time than it would take to use a snow blower or a shovel! It’s perfect for homeowners, business owners, small towns or municipalities, and really anyone that wants to take the hassle out of clearing snow. Our customers have also found the snowplow to be quite handy with landscaping projects and chores around the farm. But don’t take our word for it…check out what other SnowSport® Plow owners are saying. With the SnowSport® plow, seeing really is believing.

If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team today at 1-800-233-4655 or customerrelations@agricover.com. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and help you place your order with free shipping!
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  1. I have two jeeps and neither of them are set up for a conventional plow. Would this work in my situation? I have a 1998 grand Cherokee all time and a 2001 sport part time 4×4.

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