How much gas money will you save with an Access® Roll-Up Cover?

The easiest and most rewarding step you can take to see immediate gas mileage improvement with your truck, is to install a truck bed cover, also known as a tonneau cover. A truck bed cover will reduce drag, making your vehicle more aerodynamic at high speeds. They are also great for protecting your gear from the elements and improving the look of your truck.

ACI’s roll-up truck bed covers are made of heavy-duty, double coated vinyl, and install quickly and easily with a clamp-on installation designed specifically for your make/model. When not in use, the truck box cover can be rolled up behind the cab and never has to be removed when hauling larger items.

I put on many highway miles during the year and in talking to other owners with a similar truck without a box cover, I am amazed at the savings in gas mileage I’m getting with my cover. The Access Roll-Up Cover is such an attractive addition to my truck. It really finishes the look I want.
– Richard F. of Bismarck, ND

For more information and to calculate how much gas money you could save, visit our Gas Savings Calculator or call (800) 233-4655.