Easily reach cargo with the Access™ EZ-Retriever® II

The EZ-Retriever® II lets you easily manage your cargo at the front and rear of your pickup truck box, so you can quickly load and unload gear. EZ-Retriever® II can also be used in other applications including home improvement, boating, camping and more! The Easy To Use, Easy To Store handy tool is 5 ft. long, allowing you to reach up to 8ft.

Upgrade to a Cargo Management Kit

Combine the Access™ EZ-Retriever® II truck utility tool with the our best-selling Truck Bed Pockets (Polished Galvanized Finish) and get the cargo management you need. The Access Cargo Management Kit prevents items from sliding to the front of the truck bed, and is a super value and makes a great gift for any pickup truck owner!


Smart Truck

Cargo Reaching Tool

Easily reach cargo with EZ-RETRIEVER® II Cargo Reaching Tool. This handy tool makes it possible to retrieve items that have slid to the front of your truck box. EZ-RETRIEVER® II can also be used in other applications including home improvement, boating, camping and more! This multi-purpose tool is great to have in your truck bed or garage for quick access to extended reach. Get yours today!

  • Manage Cargo
  • Easy to use, easy to store
  • Quickly Load and unload Gear
  • 5ft. long, you can reach up to 8 ft

"Works great for items that have slid forward or are in the front of the Truck Bed. "
Joe Z.

cargo tool price
EZ-Retriever2 1 EZ-Retriever2 2 EZ-Retriever 23 EZ-Retriever2 4 EZ-Retriever Thumb 1 EZ-Retriever Thumb 2 EZ-Retriever Thumb 3 EZ-Retriever Thumb 4

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